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In previous tips, I explained how to install VMware Workstation 14 to create virtual machines and also how to setup virtual machines using VMware workstation. In this article we look at how to install Windows Server on a newly created virtual machines using VMware workstation I will start this tip where I ended my previous one. This tip will start from the last step and proceed to the next steps for installation of the operating system Windows Server You can download a Windows Server image from this Microsoft website.

I am using an evaluation version that is available for days. Once the virtual machine is powered on it will start reading the operating system ISO file for installation and you will see the below image showing that the setup is starting. You need to follow all sequential steps to install the operating system. There are 3 options to choose windows server 2016 datacenter vms free download.

Choose the appropriate value for each option and click больше на странице to go to the next window. I have chosen the values for each entry showing in the image below. Select this to get to the next window. You can see all the options given in the below image. Choose which one you want to install.

I have chosen full installation with the Datacenter Evaluation edition. Another type of operating system is Windows core edition with standard and datacenter editions. If you want a light weight OS installation, you can choose Windows core, but you will not get windows server 2016 datacenter vms free download GUI in this operating system type. Click the checkbox to accept the licensing terms. Select “Next” to proceed.

Choose the option based on your needs to proceed. As we have chosen only one disk during the virtual machine creation, больше на странице one disk is showing here. You can add additional disks by selecting “New” shown in the below image. You will see the below option once you select “New” link to add an additional disk. You can add the size and select “Apply” as shown below. Click “Next” once you have chosen the OS installation location.

You can see the installation has begun in the image below. You can also see the various stages that must be completed for this installation.

The second stage is in process and the progress bar can be seen in the installation window as shown below. Once перейти на источник stage is processed successfully, there will be a green checkmark next to it.

If there are any issues, there will be a red crossbar. Windows server 2016 datacenter vms free download can see that the first 3 stages have been successfully processed. You can see that Windows has initiated the restart phase after processing all stages of installation that are shown in the image above.

Here, we can see the virtual machine in which we are installing the operating system has restarted. Enter a password here and press enter to finish the installation. The above step is the last step of this installation. You can see that the Windows desktop view is showing. After pressing enter, it will take some time because other configuration services will be created at the OS level.

You will see the below image during this step. Now, you have logged in to your newly installed Windows Server machine. You can see the Windows Server edition in the below image.

The Server Manager dashboard will be launched automatically once you logged in to this virtual machine. You can use this window to verify or manage server level settings. Another pop-up window you can observe is Network configuration. If you are setting this up for testing purposes or for a lab, windows server 2016 datacenter vms free download “Yes” to make this virtual machine accessible to other VMs you have installed in this network.

We have installed Windows Server Datacenter edition on our virtual machine. This VM is ready for use. You learned how to install Windows Server operating system in a virtual machine hosted with VMware workstation. My next article will show how to install SQL Server Let us help you stay informed and learn something new each day. Click here to keep informed.

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Windows server 2016 datacenter vms free download. Performing an in-place upgrade of Windows Server

Virtual machines are arguably the heart of the IT industry today. In this article I will show you the specific steps to do this. Review the settings and click Finish to create the virtual machine. Install VMware Workstation 14 on Windows. You will see the below option once you select “New” link to add an additional disk. In addition, you also need to choose an installation option.