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Furthermore, the program and all setup files is working perfectly before uploading our team check all the files manually. Nikon Capture NX 2 is simple to use program for improving the quality of digital photos along with huge collection of tools and option for editing.

This application is an especially designed for Nikon digital images. Skip to content. Weekly Nikon news flash ». Bookmark the permalink. Capture nx-d uses slidecar for faster editing. Studio combines all 3 features in one. Nitpick but I’m pretty sure View uses the sidecar format too. It was my go to before NX studio came out, but I far prefer Studio. As you say it basically combines View and Capture.

I never really understood the need for both programs anyway. Nikon view and Nikon capture were great tools that I used 20 years ago. Softwares have evolved since and I changed platforms, but I miss one great feature from Nikon Capture: the possibility to transfer controls including curves from the computer to the camera, so that Jpegs were custom calibrated. Can’t this be done via Nikon picture control utility 2?

Create you profiles there, including curves, then load into your camera via memory card? And then the Canon software allows you to mess with every possible hue except that its Canon so you dont really want to. Tools4Fools – Thanks. That is a great feature, however limited it may be, and it is great that Nikon users still can do it. I’ve changed to Canon, then to Sony, but their software still cannot be compared to what Nikon offered 12 years ago.

Today I rely only on Adobe, but miss the important feedback integration that softwares may add to the capture process beyond simple camera controls. If you shoot raw with those custom picture styles then you have to use Nikon Studio NX I think, as other software won’t be able to apply that custom style.

I experimented a bit with it, but shooting RAW it’s simpler to create my own custom styles in Capture One and then apply them there later on if needed. Capture NX-2 wasn’t update for how many years now? The last camera that was supported is the D if I remember correct. It’s dead as dead can be for years. This is somewhat confusing, as I have had NX Studio for over a year. This article seems to be saying that it is something new, replacing older stuff.

Is this a new version or the same thing they have had available? NX Studio is about a year old, I think, which is “new” compared to the much older software that is now discontinued. So I don’t think getting rid of the older programs, which are confusingly named, is a bad thing. That’s a shame, Capture NX2 is still the photo editor that best suits my logic.

No stupid layers or stuff like that. I prefer the U-point system or whatever those control points are called. NX Studio comes close, but lacks some of the features. Well, since they have NX Studio, some of these programs or maybe all of them are redundant at this point.

Plus I’d guess that most people have either moved to NX Studio or are using something else Adobe or C1, etc and so these are likelyi not used by a huge population of users. Probably a good thing so Nikon can take the resources for those products and use it elsewhere, like hardware cameras and lenses, or more software support in other areas.

For me, NX Studio does everything I need. It does the job well enough that I decided to cancel my Lightroom subscription a year ago. This can also be used to remove facial blemishes, imperfections on flowers, or other unwanted objects within the frame.

Using the slider at [Quick Fix], you can adjust shadows by [Shadow Adjust] and blown out highlights by [Highlight Adjust]. Four workspaces are provided: Browser, Metadata, Multi-Purpose and Edit, and your window composition can be easily switched among them. You can open multiple image processing settings at the same time and make parallel process adjustments of multiple details.


Nikon capture nx2 aktuelle version free.Capture NX 2


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Nikon Capture NX 2 Free Download available for bit and bit operating system in our Added Date of Latest Version: 30 March Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Nikon Capture NX 2 Full New version is Nikon Capture NX-D, and it’s a free download from Nikon (so. To users of ViewNX 2, ViewNX-i, Capture NX 2 and Capture NX-D latest image processing application, which is available free of charge.