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More details on Dortania. More details here. Older than series are supported up to High Sierra PAT Patch made by Shaneee is used by default. It improves GPU performance but it has a few caveats.

It also may not work with Nvidia GPUs. Should be false. Follow these steps if your audio chipset is different than the one specified in the Specification. If you experience any issues with your network connection, then your best bet would be to install a different kext, preferably from here. SmallTree kext does not work on Monterey for now. You can try AppleIGB kext , it works on some systems. If it does not work you have to stay on Big Sur and wait for SmallTree’s update.

Only Apple Airport and Fenvi cards work out of the box. Here you can list of all supported cards and needed kexts for them. Follow this guide to create your bootable USB. Modify these patches for your CPU physical cores. Change first pair of 00 in Replace of these patches to Hex value from below table. Go to Apple Coverage and paste generated Serial. Open config. In general, enabling Bootstrap is not required, but it will protect your OpenCore from being overriden.

Some of these options may not exist in your firmware, just try to match it as closely as possible. Then set Enabled to true for the patch you want to use.

Remember to set Enabled to false on the other PAT patch. Do not try to enable both at the same time, trust me, it won’t work. It’s very common in Adobe software – you can simply fix it by running this script. Older versions of Adobe software e. For details about Adobe patching check thead on macos If you have problems while running script from file, try to copy and paste it’s code to Terminal.

DRMs are fixed by default only for Big Sur and newer versions. For older versions you have to:. Firstly, check if your sleep works out of the box. If it works, you can skip reading this section. You have to map your USB ports. If you have working Windows instance I recommend this tool , otherwise you have to do it manually. PTXH device. In most cases your controller will have another address. If USB fixes does not help, probably something another is broken. You can read more detailed guide about it on Dortania.

You shouldn’t add too much resources to your virtual machines, as it causes performance issues regardless of your hardware. Skip to content. Star This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository. Branches Tags. Could not load branches.

Could not load tags. Latest commit. Git stats commits. Failed to load latest commit information. The installer is now secured for the time being. The next step is now to package this app in a DMG so that it is actually a file, because an “. You can find out quickly if, for example, you throw the “macOS Catalina Installer” into the dropbox. What arrives there only has a few kB and can no longer be used as an installer. But this is another story…. We definitely want to package the installer app in a DMG for easier use and shipping in the future.

But you can save yourself the step if you copy the Installer. We copy the installer from the programs folder into a new directory that we created on the desktop. To do this, we create a new folder on the desktop and drag the “macOS Catalina Installer” into it. If you want to keep a copy in the Applications folder, hold down the ALT key while dragging and dropping.

I named the folder “macOS Catalina Installer ” but you can be creative here. I would just do without dots and special characters in the file name so that there would be no problems on other operating or file systems.

Here you will be asked for the folder from which the DMG will be created. At this point we select our new directory on the desktop in which the Catalina installer is located. Now the hard disk service program only needs a few minutes to create the DMG and our handy macOS Catalina installer is ready, which can also be shipped via Dropbox or other services. At this point I would like to go to the app ” Install Disk Creator “with which you can make a bootable USB stick for emergencies from the installer.

However, things are much faster and more convenient with a small, external SSD. Jens has been running the blog since He appears as Sir Apfelot for his readers and helps them with problems of a technical nature. In his free time he drives electric unicycles, takes photos preferably with his iPhone, of course , climbs around in the Hessian mountains or hikes with the family. His articles deal with Apple products, news from the world of drones or solutions for current bugs.

Catalina update crashed 2 times. I hope to carry out the update successfully with your instructions. Would like to erase the hard drive and put it back on again by hand, with Mojave and Catalina. Do I have to install Mojave or High Sierra first, then Mojave and copy and save the installer from there???

I tried yesterday until nothing worked, no mouse, no keyboard, at some point by chance I managed to install my backup, but I don’t know how! But otherwise, great site and good tips, just too stupid that I’m always on the tube Hi Andreas!

Then you come into a mode in which you can reinstall macOS Catalina on a different hard drive. I just tried it again.

It worked. Hello Can someone help me I’m new with the IMac on the go with Catalina It started with Ssl errors when sending mails No Safari, no mails, no update possible Lan is there Everything still works via Paralles Desktop A virus protection program loaded from the app store found something, but without success I created a backup via time machine I would be very grateful for any starting point. Hello Thomas! The SSL errors in Apple Mail can for example come from the incorrect configuration of the mail account.

What does “no safari” mean? Do you think Safari has no internet connection? Backup is always good. Then you come to the restoration and can reinstall Catalina over it. Try that and then get in touch again. And it’s better to restart once too much than once too little. Moin Jens, great blog and helpful tips. However, I have a small problem: I can no longer find a download for the I’ve been looking for a way to upgrade the High Sierra for days now. Do you have a tip? No version can be found in the app store.

Hello Jens, could you send me “mail” too? I’m also looking for a download and can’t find anything, unfortunately.

Hello Robert! Unfortunately I can’t distribute the stuff because it’s not open source software. Oops, same problem: MacbookPro in mid I wanted to install Catalina today, but unfortunately that no longer works. Hello mead! Give me a couple of hours. I’m putting all the macOS installers I have into my Dropbox right now. But unfortunately my village internet is a bit slow and there are quite a few gigabytes.

I would actually be interested, since Apple strangely links the downloads, but they are no longer available in itunes. I think you can only do that with Safari. A reader tried to load it with Firefox and got an error. Then it worked with Safari. Will you try again Which OS do you need? A message then appears there that the software is not available in itunes. I am specifically looking for Catalina. Unfortunately I don’t have a backup.

Is there an easy way to do this? With kind regards, Berthold. Hello Bert! So unfortunately not “easy”. This is a lot of manual work: Install Catalina somewhere on a fresh hard drive and then copy the data over by hand. The data is not important to me, can I just download Catalina from the App Store and then install it? How do I have to proceed then? Thanks for the quick help. Yes, go then. Hello Rudi! I currently have the problem that my Catalina Installer is in OneDrive and every download stops.

I’ll try a different browser now I don’t like automatic updates at all and I used to always have an additional start hard disk on the go. You should be able to install several systems in parallel on an external SSD.

Do partitions still make sense, e. Hello Ruben! Yes, APFS is definitely an asset. Alone, because you don’t need partitions, you can create “volumes” which then have a dynamic size. They grow and shrink in size. This is how you make the most of the SSD. Because of Catalina Hi Jens, I have an iMac in mid and am very satisfied with High Sierra, but now my Citrix workspace app requires at least operating system My plan: I install the Catalina 16 in my Parallels Desktop Now of course I’m looking for a download for Catalina and can’t find anything.

Can I also ask for “mail”? Hello Alex! Yes, the plan should work like this, although I don’t know the app. But it should work with Parallels Desktop. I would be very happy if you post with the link! Thank you very much!!! Hi Jens, could I ask you for the link by post too? That would be great. I just want from Mojave to Catalina.

Mittkerwile is only offered in Big Sur. Hello, Jens! I just landed here looking for salvation. Hello Hans! I’m currently working on a Sir Apfelot forum. There you will find one Brand new list with the links to the old systems.

But you would have to try to load the data with Safari. Firefox often causes problems. And if you feel like it, I would be happy to welcome you as one of the first forum members. Hello Jens, wonderful, thank you very much! I’ve already looked, looks very promising!


‎Parallels Desktop on the Mac App Store

App details Cross references. They show that they do but there is no actual result. Select a platform on the left to get started. Mac App Store Preview. And, again, the Parallels shows you that the app is running but when you output the result, everything is empty. App icon.


– Application — RoaringApps


Parallels Desktop Installation Assistant helps you to get up and running in a few minutes. You can cancel at any time. This update for Parallels Desktop for Mac 1.

I just need to run a couple parallels desktop 13 compatible mojave free programs that parallels desktop 13 compatible mojave free windows only and have been stuck between a virtual box or cloud services. Both seem to have enough lag to put me off of using them on a regular basis. Running windows on this is very smooth. Compared to the other options I have tried this one is the first that feels like an ‘apple’ solution.

Clean, great UI, and just runs smoothly. I plan on purchasing after my trial. What is that for? It parallels desktop 13 compatible mojave free I can run Windows and hense its apps.

The instrallation was easy, but the apps that I installed did not work. They show that they do but there is no actual result. For instance, I used GoPro Fusion Studio parallels desktop 13 compatible mojave free, and it desktlp the applicaiton but parallles videos thumnails are all black.

So al the stitches parallels desktop 13 compatible mojave free are just black color. I also tried other apps related to linguistic corpora that are identical to what I have on my authentic Windows PC. And, cmopatible, the Parallels shows you that the app is running but when you output the result, everything is empty.

The files /54031.txt space but there is nothting inside. I also intalled Steam and wanted to “TRY” if the games would work. It does not matter who is causing these issue, but as a user, I am not going to troubleshoot any of these.

So, it’s a 1 star from me. I absolutely need the ability to have a virtual environment for work and for personal projects. Having a native solution within OSX is great, having as solution which is fast, has a ccompatible footprint, and that cricket games free for pc 2015 out of the way is even deesktop I like Parallels so far I’m currently using a trial and plan to purchase it in the next few days when my trial ends.

My only suggestion to the developers is this: Get more support for the M1 chip. We need more pzrallels the 5 or 6 virtual solutions you’ve provided. The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:. The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:. Privacy practices may vary, microsoft office 2010 tutorial pdf free free example, based on the features you use or your comppatible.

Learn More. Mac App Store Preview. May 6, Version 1. Ratings and Reviews. App Dssktop. Size Category Business. Compatibility Mac Requires macOS All rights reserved. Price Free. Developer Website App Support. More By This Developer. Parallels Compatiblf.

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