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This topic is applicable to local and network backups. For information about deleting online backups, refer to Removing data from Acronis Cloud. When you want to delete backups and backup ghost bang acronis true image 2017 free download you no longer need, please do it by using the tools provided by Acronis True Image Acronis True Image stores information on the backups in a metadata information database.

Therefore, deleting unneeded backup files in Windows Explorer will not delete information about these backups from the database. This will result in errors when the program tries to perform operations on the backups that no longer exist. In the Backup section, right-click a backup in the My backups list, and then click Delete. Depending on a backup type, this command completely deletes the backup from its location or allows you to choose whether you want to delete the backup completely or the backup box only.

When you delete a backup box only, the backup files remain in the location, and you will be able to add the backup to the list later. Note that if you delete a backup completely, the deletion cannot be undone. Go to the Backup section. On the Backup scheme tab, select Custom schemeselect a backup method, and then click Turn on automatic cleanup.

Configure cleanup rules for the backup. Refer to Custom schemes for details. Start your computer by using bootable media. In the Recovery section, click Refresh backups. This will update the backup list. If you cannot find the target backup in the list, or the backup is located ghost bang acronis true image 2017 free download removable media, click Browse for backupand provide the path to the backup. Depending on type of the backup, go to the Disk backups or File backups tab.

Right-click the backup version that you want to delete, and then click Remove. The opened window displays the list of backup versions that will be deleted. See below why this list may contain more than one backup version. To confirm the deletion, click Delete. Why does Acronis True Image sometimes delete more than one backup version?

When you delete a backup version, please remember that this version may ghost bang acronis true image 2017 free download dependent versions. In this case the dependent versions will be deleted as well, because data recovery from such versions becomes impossible.

Link to custom schemes help section. Grover’s New Revised Guides 4. TI FAQ. Using 6. Help 8. Stop Scan for Backups 8A. ATIH Video’s 3. Create new disks-Guides. Mustang’s Microsoft office 2013 professional download with key free download Guides Les Seiler’s Backup Video.

This is a joke right? You are telling me that I have to reboot my computer using the recovery boot CDs just to remove /14011.txt backup version? I think I would rather spend the time asking for a refund. I have to wonder if the people that are writing this software have been drug tested. There is the delete optioin by right clicking the здесь name. This ghost bang acronis true image 2017 free download will delete all the tib files created by that specific task.

My posting is an extract from the user manual. If you have really old backups to be deleted, this is the technique provided by the Knowledtge base. I am just a user reporting their instructions.

Their istructions for using the CD presume you want the task to continue. If no task involved, then a simple delete via Windows Explorer should suffice.

The lack of a supported method to delete a ghost bang acronis true image 2017 free download selectable backup version from the main UI is one of the primary reasons I abandoned ATI and requested a refund. This is a critical regression in functionallity and makes it extreamely difficult to manage the backup chains. Until such time as this function is restored, I will not be buying a newer version than what I have now which is ATI Wow, that’s really bad.

Many backup jobs I set up – and it were a few during the last 6 years on all the wider family’s systems – need some maintenance ghost bang acronis true image 2017 free download or later, usually because diskspace runs out.

Previously removing older versions and then changing the number of generations kept buying time to get a new disk and setting up a new task was easy albeit unintuitive. Looks перейти на страницу it is no longer so. I’ll wait for a bit, but if I encounter problems that require me to start the system with a recovery media just to manage backup versions then I’ll be out the door too.

This is one of the few companies that I have seen that actually release worse software as time marches on. Most companies release improved versions, this company seems to reduce functionality as they release new versions. Boot from the CD and you can create your replacement hard drive. Each time i update to a new version, I keep the old CD on a CD spindle along with the other older CD’s so I always try to use the same version to restore as used in creation.

While this is not always a requirement, the newest may not restore a very old backup so it can save grief in you retain a few older copies. My “guess” as to why the procedure of using the CD when deleting is the fact that the program began tracking and creating history back with version and deleting via the CD is outside of Windows and outsdie the history file–but that is just a guess. It is understandable that you would need to use the TI Recovery CD to access your backup archives when your main drive fails.

That’s the reason it’s highly recommended to create one. And, yes, I would have retain one for each version for which you have retained archives. I should NOT need to use it to manage my backup archives. Even then I’ll take it with a big grain of salt. Grover, I do have CDs – as a matter of fact I usually burn one for every installation to stay near the system, as ATI saved me twice – but I really don’t download adobe id reader acrobat free product dc why anyone should have to ghost bang acronis true image 2017 free download such an overly complicated way just to manage backup versions.

That’s like having to boot Windows into safe mode to use Regedit. GroverH – thanks for the information even though, from my point of view, this is a “would you like the good news [that individual backup deletion is possible] or the bad news [you have to reboot the computer and do an Acronis-scripted rain dance to get rid of the backups you don’t want] first” situation.

Your contributions to these forums are valued by us casual users without your depth of product knowlege. Having had experience with deleting a backup file manually using Explorer and then dealing with the subsequent mess I recall that I ultimately deleted the whole backup job and recreated itI went poking around the Internet to try and find a way to delete ghost bang acronis true image 2017 free download few backups from a job because my media was getting full.

Either I created the job improperly I’m sure I told it to get rid of backups older than 10 days, and there are some that are three weeks oldor the ghost bang acronis true image 2017 free download mechanism is somehow broken. Note to Acronis: Why is it not possible to allow users to just delete the files they want to get rid of, and have the software ask you for the location of a missing file, with the option of deleting all the files that need to be deleted when the missing file involves a chain of files needed for the whole больше информации. And if the software’s trying to ghost bang acronis true image 2017 free download a backup that depends on a chain with a missing link – fail the backup!

Agree that it is not the most intuitive way of cleaning up old backups. Two methods I have used as work-a-rounds:. Then go back into ATIH console and attempt to do a “Restore”, which is the key component to the process. You will immediately be greeted by a warning message that a. Ghost bang acronis true image 2017 free download you ignore it, it will be removed from the database. You have to click through an ignore message for each manual.

It would still be nice if this was built directly into the application like previous versions though, but wanted to point out it is possible. Нажмите чтобы узнать больше doesn’t let you pick and choose exactly which items you want to remove, but it’s a good way to groom out older backups automatically so you don’t have to do the manual cleanup as often.

I keep 3 version chains and have it clean up the oldest version chain at the end of the 4th version chain so this gives me about a month of daily backups I can fall back on. Each person will have their own plan, but this is just one suggestion. MVP LogViewer MVP Google Drive Cleanup Utility Cloning Correctly Clone vs Backup Community Tools Contact Support Product Documentation Common OEM Drivers. I do appreciate that you describe workarounds for this issue of managing the backup archives.

As an Acronis Volunteer, I do hope, however, that you use whatever influence you have with Acronis, to let them know that these workarounds are not acceptable for the long term and I will not be, or encouraging others to, purchasing a newer version of the product at least until this functionallity is restored. As you acknowledged, manually moving the archives should never be needed, except in extrordinary circumstances.

And having to ‘trick’ Acronis into removing the archives is asking for trouble. This still does not solve the isssue if the user wants to remove, say, just the last incremental? It’s not clear what incremental to ‘ignore’ will work, if at all.



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